How long will it take to jet-clean the area?
To clean an area of block paving the size of 8 car parking spaces would take less than a day.
Of what does the deep cleaning of block paving consist?
This would consist of the thorough deep cleaning of the block paving, the washing down of the entire area including windows, doors and anything else that may have been splashed. Please note that resanding an area needs to be done with a return visit when the area is dry. This service is always quoted separately and is not included in the original quote.
How much does this cost?
This of course, depends on the size of the area to be cleaned; it's condition, what type of surface it is, the location the access available etc.
How long does the cleaning last? This will depend on environmental factors and how exposed to the elements the area cleaned is. However on average once a year is enough to keep an area clean.
How do you remove the graffiti?
This is done through applying a chemical, leaving it to penetrate the graffiti and then through the use of water that is pressurised wash away the graffiti.

Will it remove all the graffiti?
We cannot guarantee that it will remove 100% of the graffiti every time as it depends on how long the graffiti has been there, the porosity of the brick, stone etc. the type of surface, the type of paint used, the location and other factors.
When is the best time to remove graffiti?
Without doubt, the sooner it is removed the better before it has time to dry within the brick. However, we have removed graffiti that has been left for several years but this is extremely time consuming and would have been much easier and cheaper if it had been removed when it was first applied.